Data Deletion

How can you manage or delete your information and exercise your rights? We offer you a variety of tools to view, manage, download and delete your information below. You can also manage your information by visiting the settings. You may also have other privacy rights under applicable laws. Delete your information or account To delete your information, you can: Find and delete specific information. We offer tools that you can use to delete certain information. For example, you can use Delete buttons to delete content that you've posted to your account. You can also use tools such as activity log on Pinetbook to send content to the recycle bin in bulk. When you delete content, it's no longer visible to other users. Visit the Pinetbook Contact to learn what happens when you delete your content or move it to the recycle bin. Permanently delete your account. If you delete your account on Pinetbook, we delete your information, including the things you've posted, such as your photos and status updates, unless we need to keep it as described in "How long do we keep your information?" Once your account is permanently deleted, you won't be able to reactivate it, and you won't be able to retrieve information, including content you've posted. How long does it take to delete your information? If you request that we delete your account or content, it may take up to 90 days to delete your information after we begin the account deletion process or receive a content deletion request. After the information is deleted, it may take us up to another 90 days to remove it from backups and disaster recovery. If you leave your deleted content in your recycle bin on Pinetbook, the deletion process will begin automatically in 30 days. Or you can start the deletion process straight away by deleting the content from your recycle bin or Recently Deleted folder.