Badge Rewards

Pinetbook Badge Rewards Program: User Star, Organization, and Business Partner Badges Explained

1. User Star Badgebadge star

Description: This badge is awarded to authors for creating posts that align with one or more of the following categories:

+ Engaging, creative content
+ Innovative news posts
+ Informative posts sharing knowledge or useful content
+ Image posts featuring photos, collectibles, and designs

Criteria for Eligibility: To qualify, posts must adhere to the following:

+ Content: Must be concise, clear, and honest.
+ Images: Must be clear and relate to the post's topic. Self-portraits and self-designed images are encouraged.
+ Hashtags: Use of topic-related hashtags is recommended.

Ineligibility: Authors will be ineligible if they:

+ Copy or repost others' content.
+ Infringe on copyrights of content or images.
+ Engage in spam activities.

Reward: The badge holders will receive 8 Pi per month, with payments distributed on the last day of each month. (Effective from August 1, 2023).

Revocation: The badge may be revoked if:

+ The author has been inactive for a long period.
+ The author posts spam content.
+ The author creates monotonous and repetitive content.
+ The author receives multiple negative user reports.

2. Organization Badge

Description: The Organization Badge is awarded to individuals or groups who contribute significantly towards developing and maintaining the Pinetbook community in their respective region or country. The badge represents a mark of trust, responsibility, and authority granted by Pinetbook, acknowledging the holder's dedication and commitment to enriching the community.

Responsibilities: As a badge holder, the responsibilities include:

+ Cultivating and expanding the Pinetbook community within their region or country.
+ Reporting accounts and posts that breach community guidelines, including scam and fake accounts, and spam.
+ Participating actively in user profile verification.
+ Establishing and managing an organization account in their country under Pinetbook's supervision.

Badge Levels: The badge is awarded at different levels, determined by the number of followers:

+ Level 1: 5,000 followers
+ Level 2: 10,000 followers
+ Level 3: 20,000 followers
+ Level 4: 50,000 followers
+ Level 5: 100,000 followers

Benefits: Badge holders enjoy:

+ The privilege of managing a verified premium organization account in their region or country.
+ Priority for posting news on the front page.

Income: Badge holders receive income based on their badge level:

+ Level 1: 30 Pi per month
+ Level 2: US$100 + 60 Pi per month
+ Level 3: US$200 + 90 Pi per month
+ Level 4: US$500 + 130 Pi per month
+ Level 5: US$1,000 + 200 Pi per month

3. Business Partner Badge

Description: The Business Partner Badge is a distinctive recognition awarded to businesses that plan to operate or are already operating, demonstrating their commitment to enrich the Pinetbook community. The badge represents a partnership between Pinetbook and the business, highlighting the business's role as a trusted and valuable contributor to the platform.

Criteria for Eligibility: To receive the Business Partner Badge, businesses must meet the following conditions:

+ Must be a functioning business or have concrete plans to operate in the future, with verifiable evidence.
+ Information on the business account must accurately and comprehensively describe the business type, industry, and the products and services provided.

Benefits: Verified business and partner accounts enjoy the following benefits:

+ Featured member category: The business account will be displayed prominently.
+ Sponsored posts: Businesses can create up to five sponsored posts on the front page.
+ No character limit: Posts are not subjected to a character limit.
+ Increase posting capacity: The account will have a priority posting capacity of up to 256 MB.
+ Advertising priority: Businesses receive priority when creating advertising posts.

Prohibited Activities: The following activities are strictly forbidden for Business Partner Badge holders:

+ Promoting products and services that are banned in the countries where Pinetbook operates.
+ Engaging in deceptive activities.
+ Engaging in aggressive operations or armed threats.
+ Participating in racist activities.
+ Participating in or facilitating activities related to child sexual abuse.

Violations of these prohibitions can result in the immediate revocation of the Business Partner Badge and potential legal consequences.

Information last updated on August 1, 2023.