Pinetbook FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my account receiving a Spam Warning Spam Warning ?

Your account has received many reports of violations, content spam, or copyright infringement. If you continue to violate, your account will be permanently banned.

Why was my post deleted?

1. The post received many reports of serious copyright infringementin content and images.
2. Spam posts.
3. The post seriously violates community guidelines.

Why was my account banned Banned Warning ?

Your account violates one of the following contents:
1.The account received many reports of spam content violations.
2.The account received many copyright infringement reports.
3.Virtual accounts, clone accounts (each person is only allowed to register one personal account on the platform).
4.Accounts with fraudulent activities to earn money from referral links.
5.Accounts use tools, software or robots to earn reward points.
No Warning Banned accounts will have their Pinetbook Wallet permanently locked.

Why can't I like or interact with any posts?

Please refresh your browser.

Why doesn't my account receive notifications from the system?

1. Check your email address in your account settings. Make sure it's available.
2. Go to Profile > General Settings > Notification Settings. Turn on necessary notifications. (If not necessary, you should turn off notifications to optimize interaction speed).

I can't verify my profile.

Click Profile and navigate to Verification. Fill in all information and send 2 verification images. Make sure your images are in the following formats: jpeg (or jpg), png, bmp, or gif. If your images are not in the specified format, please convert them before uploading. In case you have sent your application many times without success. Please send information and photos to verify your identity to email: [email protected].

How to verify organizational account?

To register for an organizational account on Pinetbook, please send a request to email: [email protected].

What are the page verification conditions?

1. The page has quality content, many useful posts, and is in the right category.
2. Page has 1000 likes or more.

Why don't my points increase when interacting?

To prevent resource abuse and fraudulent software and robotic activities. The system sets a limit on points earned in 24 hours. This limit will be refreshed after 24 hours.

Can I buy and sell Pi in Pinebook Wallet?

No,you cannot. Any purchase or sale of Pi in the Pinebook Wallet before the mainnet opens is a violation. Accounts may be permanently banned.

How long are Boosted (Promoted) Posts pinned?

To ensure that content remains fresh and up-to-date, boosted posts are pinned for no more than 72 hours.(Exceptions:System account, Notification account).

Contact information you need to know!

1. General support:[email protected]
2. Verification support:[email protected]
3. Report violations:[email protected]
4. Payment support:[email protected]
5. Advertising support:[email protected]
6. Developer support:[email protected]
7. Join the Core Team:[email protected]